Sunday, October 23, 2011


. . Y'all did SUPERB!  The Nashville Amateur Radio Club who supports almost every bike event in the area said the organization and execution was as good as or better than any and it wouldn't be long before we rivaled the Jack 'n Back.  He planned to write letters to top management at Cystic Fibrosis commending the event.
. . While y'all were stationed at your rest stops, Gary, Miley, and the young lady with CF did us proud with the opening ceremony.  To top it off Mikal Williams sang the National Anthem perfectly.  It was indicative of what the rest of the event was going to be.
. . Pat yourselves on the back.  Thank you so much! Only a few more bicyclist could have made it any better.


Kaiser Dawg said...

PERFECT October day for the event, and a great group of volunteers, no doubt!! - Kaiser

coastdownhills said...

I've been involved in may events. This one went the smoothest of any. It was the first time Ham radio support was available and now I'm spoiled. If you don't get a thank you letter from me it's because you are my close friend who already knows my gratitude.