Sunday, May 27, 2012

Eye have an Update

Well it's now been two weeks since I underwent emergency surgery for a Detached Retina and things are going better than expected. My surgery to attach the retina is so far sucessful. My eye patch came off Friday and the gas bubble injected into my eye to help keep the Retina attached has,thank goodness,finally been absorbed by my eye tissue. This has event has stabilized my abilty to see out of the eye and, with the temporary contact I recieved Friday, I am remarkably able to see almost 20/30. My doctors are amazed at my progress. I still have significant eye pain and headaches but this is normal. If all goes well I may be able to ride the week of June 25th. In the mean time I have rode the trainer ..BOORRRINGGG...I mean absolutely boring. I much more enjoy fast walking on the Hendersonville Greenway. Saturday I did 13.2 miles (verified today by Map My Ride). I would also like to thank Doug for walking with me today at 8am for about 5.5 miles. He and I had the same "Harpeth River" shirt on so I'm sure everyone thought we were a "couple". LOL I severely miss not riding the Tour de Cure, Cram and next weeks Harpeth ride. I'm glad for all the riders getting in tons of miles each week and its tough sitting on the sidelines. I have had some muscle atrophy and I will be useless for a few months once I start to ride again but, make no mistake..I will be back and riding your tail. Have good rides this week. I will be dreaming about them. Sincerely..Gary

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