Thursday, April 15, 2010

Another Nashville cyclist hit by car

In the wake of poor Yik that was hit a couple of weeks ago, here is another story of a local cyclist being hit from behind while commuting to work. Please please be careful out on the road!! Wear the proper gear...lights, reflective stripes, etc as well as being defensive. Don't trust that the person driving sees you.



Caledonia said...

Do you have details or a link to this story? I've been out of town the past few days and had not heard about this, thanks.

Caledonia said...

Just read the "Story" link, thanks. Wished there'd been more details like location, time of day, degree of visibility etc. I agree with the several commentators on the link that there appear to be issues with the police investigation. DTI

coastdownhills said...

Interesting this was posted on Road Bike Forums. After our Nashville Greenway ride and a small foray into downtown Nashville last weekend revealed how much progress Nashville is making, this incident is unfortunate.
We can only hope the cyclist has a quick recovery, his expenses are paid by the offending driver and the policeman is educated.