Monday, April 5, 2010

Fogbee Pancake/Fried Chicken Ride?

Yesterday the owner of the Lunchbox (Next door to the convenience store near Buckingham on LHP) came out to talk to us. He said he had some great fried chicken inside.

We could do Bryan's 43 mile loop and stop there for refueling, then an easy 7 miles back to Beech. The only complication is that he closes on Saturday and open only from 8 to 2 on Sunday. Or we could come back after getting our cars.

We do have a habit of leaning our bikes against his storefront. So, for good public relations, let's try to patronize the places where we are so visible.

The Lunch Box


Bob said...

I agree, we need to patronize our local businesses as much as practically possible. I'm in as often as my scedulle allows!

coastdownhills said...

Thanks for posting. I'm by there now and again during the week. Used to eat at Savannah's in the same center a few times but got out of the habit of stopping there after it closed.
Touring cyclist appreciate these non McDonalds. These folks hours make it difficult to incorporate into a Fogbee ride but they are perfect for my middle of the day middle of the week ones.