Thursday, December 23, 2010

2010-12-23 FOGBEES Xmas Lights

The YOUTUBE version has been added to the POST just below.


coastdownhills said...

Thanks and Congratulations to the Fogbees who made this an event beyond my wildest expectations. All with only a week to prepare.
Comments from spectators:
"Come quick, you're missing it."(Yelled from the sidewalk to inside Barnes and Noble.)
"Can you stop a minute for a picture? No one's going to believe me."
"I love you, Santa." (Approx 3 yo at the Streets of Indian Lake. Maybe some more but that's the only one I heard.)
"I've never seen anything like this!)
Probably because there has never before been anything like this. From the enthusiasm in the group at Jolly Olly's, this won't be the last.

Bob said...

Got back too late to join you. I definitely was with you in spirit. Can you imagine the joy that was spread with this ride. The simple things that can cause someone caught up in the hectic pace of the season to stop, smile and remember the reason for the season. Outstanding job:)

Caledonia said...

Love it! I'll definitely be with y'all next Christmas!! DTI

GARY said...

I've done alot of great trips and have wonderful memories with the Fogbees but this took the cake. It was amazing and a great great time! For once people loved to see the bike riders!

Christy said...

This is the best bike club EVER!

Ed T said...

I echo what Jim said at Jolly Ollies (or what ever the name is) after the ride and Christy's comment above. When I first saw Bruce's posting, I thought this would be real fun, and since you can never have too much fun, I wanted to play. It was GREAT and I thank Bruce and Tom for puling it together. I look forward to next yea, and maybe with a few more lights.