Wednesday, December 22, 2010

PLEASE take time to send our friends a FOGBEE thank you.

It's been a great year for bicyclists in Tennessee. We are very fortunate to have Jessica Wilson at TDOT. If you have a moment PLEASE send her an email ( thanking her for all her effort. Just so you all have the proper perspective, LAB raised Tennessee's Bike Friendly Status) by 19 Points because of her diligence and a LOT of work for us. Due the serious financial problems the state and the country are facing, the future for bicycling is likely to be a tougher sale, so its important to support our friends.

I have been putting her stuff (with her permission) on the Bike Walk Tennessee website at . Jessica is now working on completion of a survey from the Alliance for Biking and Walking, a draft of which you will find at . This survey along with the League of American Bicyclist's Survey for Bike Friendly States (also on this webpage) is a great metric to see what it takes to be bike friendly and what we still have to accomplish. Please take time to read them. Jessica has put a lot of effort into completing them.

Besides Jessica don't forget to thank Kelley Segars of Knoxville ( ) who was the primary force is getting Knoxville recognized this year as a Bike Friendly City and Leslie Mehan ( who has won several awards this year for an Nashville's MPO's Exceptional Bike and Pedestrian Plan in which she identified over 15% of MPO transportation funding to go toward Bike/Ped related projects).

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Caledonia said...

Done! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! DTI