Saturday, December 18, 2010

Holiday lights test run Sunday, Dec 19, 3 pm

I'll be doing a trial run of the holiday lights course tomorrow afternoon. All are welcome to join. The 3 pm start time is flexible.


Tom_E said...

I talked with Bob_G. We've got our lights. He has 80 LEDs and I have 60. We plan to light wheel-spokes and frames. Made arrangements for movie taking for our soon to be viral FOGBEE YouTube video. However, at 3PM Sunday I'll be sitting in the Titan stadium. Maybe Bob will have Christmas Bike ready. You need to set a time for the ride. 6:30PM has been suggested and that works fine for me.

coastdownhills said...

Great!! I've 40 lights on my body with none on my bike so far. I'm pretty sure I'll enjoy the ride today but not sure about you in the Stadium.

Non one has protested the 6:30 pm start time Thursday the 23rd so 6:30 pm at Jollie Ollies it is.