Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Note from the League

The end of every year brings more than just Thanksgiving and the holiday season at the League…

1.    On Tuesday, December 7 we’re hosting our annual conference call to get your feedback, input and advice on the all-important club insurance program. Make sure someone from your club calls in to join Marla Peters from American Specialty. See more details in the Club Corner section of our website.

2.    We’ve got two open surveys we want you to complete – both quite short! The first is our periodic Club Survey that provides us a critical insight into the issues affecting clubs and gives us feedback on our club program activities. Second, we’ve got our annual Membership Survey that asks for your input on how we are doing for you as an individual cyclist and League member – please share the link with your colleagues; we genuinely want to know what you think we can and should be doing on your behalf.

3.    Sign up now for the National Bike Summit! Yes, it’s that time of year already – and having a strong showing in Washington DC has never been more important. Please try to send someone from your club; March 8-10 2011.

And finally, of course, if you are able to support the work of the League with a contribution above and beyond your Club dues, that will make a huge difference to our ability to serve you in 2011. Many of you have already given, and for that we are extremely grateful – we’ve seen real leadership gifts from the likes of the Grizzly Peak Cyclists, Louisville Bicycle Club, Granite State Wheelmen, Narragansett Bay Wheelmen and many more.

Thanks, Andy Clarke, President
League of American Bicyclists

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