Friday, December 10, 2010

More About Complete Streets & Rumble Reviews

 The Alliance for Biking and Walking notes key changes to TDOT's Complete Street's Policy
  • It requires not only Tennessee DOT to follow the policy, but contractors, consultants and local governments managing TDOT projects.
  • It requires local, regional and state organizations implementing projects with state money to follow the policy.
  • It requires the state to consider local bike/ped plans when resurfacing state roadways within their jurisdiction.
  • It points to and requires design in accordance with national FHWA and AASHTO standards for bike/ped facility design.
  • It specifies that road resurfacing shall not degrade current walking and biking levels. 
Click here to read more.  Also, last month FOGBEES reviewed resurfacing projects in Robertson and Sumner Counties and identified for TDOT and Nashville MPO roads used by local bicycle clubs.  Our goal is to protect them against rumbling.

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