Thursday, September 8, 2011


. . It's that time of the year when darkness comes before many evening rides are complete.  This month we have had a bicyclist seriously injured riding at 5:30A and another killed riding at 10:30P.  In the latter case the dead bicyclist was breaking the law with no lights and no reflective gear.  Every bicyclist's responsibility is to GO TO EXTREMES to be seen, especially at dusk or when the setting sun may be blinding motorists.  Here is advice from an Arkansas LCI.
. . The number one killer of cyclists over here on the west side is running stop signs/red lights, followed very closely by riding “ninja style,” after dark without lights and reflectors.

. . We use a lot of video, both in the Smart Cycling classes and the outreach pages on the web site, to try to help getting the point across.  Some examples available via YouTube:

Tom Ezell
Bicycle Advocacy of Central Arkansas

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Miley said...

I think it was Caledonia who posted my favorite video about riding with lights...hilarious while making a serious point. My wife got such a kick from it, she now asks if i have my pants when I'm going out for a evening ride. Check it out and WEAR YOUR PANTS!!!