Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Who's Going to MS Jack 'n' Back ?

Though our ranks have thinned for the Jack 'n' Back, I'm excited to be participating once more for my loved ones living with MS. Curious as to whom I might do the ride with ? I'm signed up to do the 50 miler Saturday and Sunday. I'll be staying at the Quality Inn in Tullahoma, looking for some company. What are everyone's plans ? Thought we should co-ordinate if desired or possible.

Looking forward to great weather and a gratifying ride !


Tango Bravo said...

I'll be there. Camping at Motlow and wearing my woollies.

GARY said...

Phil..I need a ride Saturday morning. Can you give me a lift to page HS?

Mike said...

Phil, I am going long, but am probably staying in the same place as you.

Mike Knake

Mark H said...

Danny Denning and I plan to ride the long route down. We are staying at the Quality Inn. Good cheap mexican food and Margaritas!

monsieur cannonball said...

Jeff Smythe, my biking bud from church, will be doing the short route both days with me. He and I are sharing room at Quality Inn.

He, Gary, and I will be riding down together Saturday morning.

Jeff has done this ride twice in the past with me, Ed Thomas, and Tom Evans.

Todd Jarrell said...

I'm a newbie to Jack n Back so I'll probably be questioning a few of you as to what to expect. I plan on riding the long routes & camping. Titans game on sunday!