Friday, September 2, 2011

Out of Sight but NEVER out of mind.

Hi FOGBees!
   Just saw your flyer and am looking forward to coming up to ride in it!!!  :o)
   Randy and I have been riding with the Spring City Cycling Club down here working toward their infamous metric century "All You Can Eat Ride" on Sept 17th. (Actually, there are several route distances to choose from..35,50,59,67,109 the last two with some really challenging hills in them)  Any FOGBee who wants to travel for a good ride with some great eats, come on down.  :o)
    We sure miss the after ride fun at Louey's and Sam's with ya'll and especially having Tom sagging my slow butt on some of the rides!!!  (Could have used you 4 weeks ago when 2 pitbulls came out and decided to chase me and then run in front of me.  Bruised and scraped up but my bike was ok!!) I have gotten faster!! :o  Bruce...I don't miss those "rolling hills" LOL!!!...well...yeah, I kinda do!
   Anyway,  we are looking forward to riding your ride for CF and am proud to wear the FOGBee jersey here when I ride!
    See you in October!!
----Donna Weidenbenner


monsieur cannonball said...

Hey Donna and Randy, good to know that you are well and biking. Thanks for joining us for the CF ride ( be sure to sign up if you haven't yet ). Should be a fun filled event.

coastdownhills said...

Donna and Randy,
Good to hear from you and that your are still on you bikes. I've done the All You Can Eat once about ten years ago just as one of the many hurricanes came through. Since then Sept seems to be gobbled up with local events. if you miss the hills, take a ride from Decatur over Lacon Mountain ( I can send you the route) to Cullman.
Tell Terry, Judy, Aussie Mike, Sam, hello for me. They new me when I was the new cyclist in the group and led me on my first pace line. Better yet, bring them to Hendersonville with you.