Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Fogbee Tee shirts have arived

I still have tee shirts for the following people.  I am not planning on Riding the next 2 Saturdays.  Please let me know and we can make Arangements for you to get your Shirts.  The cost is $11.50 vs. $10.80 I forgot sales tax
Bob"s Email

Ronnie & Ann
Roger S.
Ed (I will hold until you are back in town)
Jason S.
Tom E.
Danny D.
Mike & Sherry
Curtis (I will bring yours to you)


coastdownhills said...

Will you be at the ride with Tee's this Thursday, Sept 22? If so I can pick up mine and David Irvine's then.

BOB G. said...

Bruce I may not be at the ride but I can bring them by the house on Thursday night or on Friday.

Caledonia said...

Bob & Bruce, thanks for the two Fogbee Tees. I now look just like that Chippendale male model in the ad except for my bald head and pot belly. DTI