Monday, October 1, 2012

Turtle Sked

. . Janice is on my case to post upcoming Turtle RidesBruce has some words of wisdom about early success being its own worst enemy, but I can't remember them.  (Yes, we did spot the obligatory turtle last Saturday, but you can see from Janice's photo, that she stepped on it).
. . I am not going to be able to lead anything until November so I encourage others to take charge and keep it going.
Saturday 9/29: 30-miler on the BRASS (Janice & Tom lead Turtle Version on 31-miler starting at 8:30 - See registration info) 
Saturday 10/6 (J 'n B weekend): Bob_G leads the Milkshake Ride see post.
Saturday 10/13: I suggest you do 840 Fondo
Saturday 10/20 (RBS Overnighter):  This thing is special, I highly recommend it.
Saturday 10/27: CF Ride For Life, (Bruce & Phil lead Turtle Version on 65-miler starting at 9:15 - See registration info) Fogbees are a co-sponsor. Plus GARY"s BIG PARTY


coastdownhills said...

Phil Vickery and I are committed to doing the 62 mile CFL Turtle Style. Come join us and see how much easier a route is when done at 12 mph.

Janice said...

I'll try and join you Bruce on the 60-CFL. Haven't ridden 60 in a long while, but maybe at a slow pace I can manage it. :-)

If anyone wants to do the Brass at Turtle pace with me let me know. I don't wanna ride alone.
Text: 615 289 3157
Or comment on the blog.