Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Red Boiling Springs Massage and Mineral Bath

Just talked with Dennis Emery to confirm details.  Like  supper will be at 5 pm. He reminded me that Armour's has a mineral bath, the only one remaining from the feature that made Red Boiling Springs a tourist spot and a masseuse.  His note below describes the service.

"Thought I'd mention that if anyone would like a massage on Saturday after the ride up here, we can have a masseuse available Saturday afternoon and evening to do massages in one of two manners:
She can either do a regular full 1-Hour massage (@ $79) in our SPA ... or we can have her bring her professional massage chair and she can do chair massages at the rate of $1 per minute (usually 15 to 20 minute massages) + any gratuity if so inclined.  No taxes on massages."
Anyone interested in the mineral bath or massage please call Armour's 615-699-2180 or email armourshotel@yahoo.com
He also still has rooms so those waiting to check on the weather, which should be great, can still go and stay at Armour's.


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