Saturday, September 21, 2013

Red Boiling Springs Fall Ride October 19,20.

Fogbee Red Boiling Springs Ride 2013
October 19, 20, 2013

It's that time of year again. Talk of football, shorter days, and the annual Fogbee Ride to Red Boiling Springs. This ride is a Fogbee tradition. Red Boiling Springs is located just the right distance from Hendersonville with the Hartsville option to make a nice one day ride for every rider level. It goes through beautiful scenery. The leaves should be in fine color about then. The roads are generally smooth with low traffic. Dennis and Debra Emery of Armour's Hotel are great hosts. This is the most requested repeat overnight getaway among all our trips. 

Each day will be about 60 miles. Ride with GPS links are below.  Hartsville is about midway so anyone wanting to do just 30 miles can make arrangements to start and/or finish there. If you plan to leave a car in Hartsville overnight, let me know so I can clear it with the local authorities. They have provided a secure place in the past but the location changes from time to time.

Day 1 route
Day 1 Saturday, October 19, 2013 All times approximate, except first day start.
8:00 am Long Riders Assemble at Sam's Sports Bar Parking lot, leave 8:30 am
11:00 am Meet with short riders in Hartsville, Lunch at Dillehay's Restaurant in Hartsville.
11:45 pm Leave Hartsville and ride to Red Boiling Springs.
3:00 pm Arrive at Red Boiling Springs Armour's Hotel.
6:00 pm Dinner at Armour's Hotel
Day 2 Sunday, October 21, 2012
8:00 am Breakfast at Armour's Hotel
8:45 am Leave Red Boiling Springs
11:00 am Regroup in Hartsville. Short riders take off in cars.
11:30 Lunch at Keller's near Castalian Springs. (NB. Nearby Shadow Warrior Military supply now carries assault rifles, ammo, and assorted supplies. I especially like their wool socks.)
12:30 pm Passing Through Gallatin. Perhaps snack. Louie Law takes over about here.
2:00 pm Arrive Back at Sam's Sport's bar.

No SAG has been arranged and as in the past, the ride director does not dare tell non riding significant others (NRSO) what to do. If anyone wants to volunteer to SAG, that will gladly be incorporated into the plan. It is expected that NRSO will plan their schedules to carpool and ferry refreshing beverages for the thirsty riders to have on arrival at Red Boiling Springs.

Specific Links

Armour's Hotel., 615-699-2180 This is our host facility. This will be our fifth trip to Red Boiling Springs and Armour's and the Emerys are the consensus favorite. They have a total of 15 rooms, each can accommodate at least two people, some three. Prices range from $85/night to $129/night for two people. This includes breakfast but not dinner. That is $14 per person. If the Armour fills up, there are two other historic hotels very near. These are discussed below. Armour's is holding all their rooms for that night for the Fogbees till Oct 1, 2013. So it behooves you to email or call Armour's and make your reservation early. They can accommodate all of us for dinner. If anyone has specific dietary restrictions, please let us know and they can likely be accommodated. The standard fare is fried chicken and various sides. They have some special menus on request. Last time we went with the standard and everyone was pleased. Armour Hotel Phone # 615-688-2180. Tell them you are with the Fogbees.
The two other nearby Historic Hotels are located on same street within half mile of each other. Each has a distinct personality.

Thomas House. 615-699-3006 It is more like a huge home with lots of guest rooms. All rooms are entered from inside. The lobby and halls are chocked full of antiques and old pictures. The Coles are great hosts and do a great breakfast. The house is purportedly haunted, has been featured on several ghost hunting shows and does “ghost experiences” throughout the year.

Donoho Hotel. 615-699-3141 It is the most rustic of the hotels. The food is great but the owners other wise interact with guests very little. Or at least that has been our past experience. It was the site of our first ever Fogbee over nighter so has a special place in the old Fogbees memories.


Unknown said...

Hate that I will miss this one! I've heard so many great things about this one. Hope this year is another success!!

David S said...

Alicia and I are in. We have made reservations at Armour's.

Woody said...

I'm confirmed; but the phone number is actually 615-699-2180

GARY said...

Reservations made for the best ride of the year..

Ed T said...

I'm in but Gail can't make it. Anyone why to share a room?

Ed T said...

I'm in but Gail can't make it. Anyone why to share a room?

Doug_D said...

Marsha and I are registered. Better get a room as they are going fast!

Tango Bravo said...

Dang, MB has a geneology weekend planned. I know, it doesn't sound like fun to me either, but she has friends doing this.

bed2 said...

Renee will be making our reservations in the morning. Looking forward to it.


coastdownhills said...

Wow, a great response for first 12 hrs. Not surprising by the number of questions in the past 2 weeks. Ed, some of the rooms have two twin beds which make it more acceptable for two guys. Also two of the rooms have two separate rooms and could accomodate an extra person.

BOB G. said...

I made reservations last night for Misty and I.

Mike said...

Sherry and I have our room.


John_K said...

Hey Ed T, If we can get one of those rooms with 2 twin beds, I will share a room.

Ed T said...

Thanks John but JR has already agreed to share a room with me.

JoHo said...

Titans have a home game on the 20th against the 49'ers so the Sunday ride is out for me. Anyone up for doing the ride to RBS, dinner at the hotel and then coming home?

Tom_E said...

JoHo my current plans are to ride to RBS, have Sharyn meet me, stay for dinner and evening festivities, and then drive home. You may join us.

Anonymous said...

Shannon and I have reservations too. Looking forward to it.

John_K said...

Signed up... had a great time on this ride last year.

Jeff Gibson said...

Just reserved the last room, woot!!

Anonymous said...

I know some of you are not riding back on Sunday due to the Titan's home game. It would be nice to know who all intends to ride back Sunday; don't want to ride back by myself!