Monday, September 16, 2013

Smart Bike?

Check out this video from Toyota.  Imagine the next level where your shifting and braking is telepathic.


Miley said...

So cool! Nice pairing: I'm a big fan of Parlee (custom carbon) and Prius (my 2005 with 140k still gets 50+ mpg). I would add to the wish list of features:
1. Replace the neuron headset with an implant.
2. Integrate with Google Glass (route and metrics displayed on eyeglasses)
3. Electroshock if you try load the bike or get on it without a charged battery installed for the shifters. Wouldn't that be great, Gary?
4. Jens Voigt-Shut Up Legs technology: use the neuron connection to block pain, spasms and cramps. Ahh, that would be sweet!

coastdownhills said...

So slick duct tape won't stick to it.