Friday, September 13, 2013

September Newsletter

On Sunday we will issue the FOGBEE newsletter.  Actually, it is more like a FOGBEE Bike Magazine.  You have to be a registered member to receive it.  Click on JOIN US (see Blog Tab above this POST section. Click on that JOIN US tab to open that page.) and complete the enrollment before Sunday. Here is a partial list of stuff you'll find in it.  

  • Jersey Order
  • Sponsored Rides and Janice's Picks
  • Cold Weather Training
  • Annual Fall Overnighter
  • Turtle Ramblings
  • Flat Tires and Tire Savers
  • The Halloween Party
  • Bike Yellowstone Park
  • Nostalgia Night at Blue Grass (Old Big Looy's)
  • Bicycling the Canadian Rockies
  • Update on the Postman
  • Morning Bike Rides
  • Fogbee Bike Advocacy
  • How to Get the Most out of your Newsletter
  • Ya Wanna Know What?
  • Internet Computer Lab

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