Thursday, October 8, 2009

Public Meeting for SR109: Thursday Oct 8

Attached is a flyer about an important upcoming public meeting regarding the design of improvements to Highway 109 in Wilson and Sumner Counties. The meeting is hosted by TDOT and will be held on Thursday, October 8th from 5-7pm in the Gallatin City Hall.

I've had the opportunity to sit down with Jessica Wilson, TDOT bike/ped planner and Michael Choate, TDOT project manager for Highway 109 in the last year to discuss bike/ped facilities. From what I can remember, the shoulder on Hwy 109 will be generous - at least 8 feet and there will be ped facilities considered in the appropriate areas near the cites.

However, I strongly encourage the Veloteers, the FOGBEES, the Murfreesboro Bicycle Club, Harpeth Bicycle Club, Bike Walk Tennessee, Walk/Bike Nashville, the bike shops and any others to come out to this meeting. TDOT has been very receptive to comments regarding the need for bicycle and pedestrian facilities, and the more opportunities to encourage designs to take into account bike/ped transportation the better.

Unfortunately I will be out of town at an MPO retreat hosted by TDOT and may not be able to attend. Please let me know if you have any questions,

. . . Leslie Meehan


Tango Bravo said...

1. That is one wide road! 1.05 miles. :-)

2. I think they invited Leslie out of town purposely!

3. I am glad they are planning some bike friendly shoulders, etc. But it would be nice to do it where people actually ride!

4. Can we get them to undo the rumble strips north of Gallatin?

coastdownhills said...

I will be there and would like to cycle there if I could hitch a ride home. There was a time I'd ride home in the dark but lately I'm a weenie.

Tom_E said...

Bruce, I'll cart you home.

coastdownhills said...

Excellent. Gratias tibi ago.

Ed T said...

Bruce, in the event I can make it back from Nashville in time, when would you expect to pass by Fairvue?

BOB G. said...

I will see you guys there.

coastdownhills said...

I'll be by Fairvue about 4:30. I'll activate my cell and also check here just before leaving my house about 4 pm

Ed T said...

Bruce, thanks but I will not make it.