Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Long Sleeve or Sleeveless Jerseys

Update:We Should have art work this week. When I receive the art work I will post on the blog.

Once we have the art work we will start to collect sizing and money for this order. we should have these jerseys in 3 to 4 weeks from the date of order. Please post if you are interested in ordering. This order is being placed with V-GEAR not LG.

(Minimum ordering policy in Blue.)

We ask for 10 of the same item (in any combination of sizes) to place an order and then you may order as little as 1 of anything we produce. Sock minimum is 50 (in any combination of sizes).

Below are the options and pricing for each option. As of 10/15 we have commitments for 20 pairs of socks the minimum order is 50 pair.
No Sleeves $ 39
Short Sleeves $ 39
Long Sleeve $ 50
Shorts $49
Bib Shorts $59

Socks $ 5.95 ( must have 50 pcs min)

Plus Shipping


Nancy_P said...

I would like a sleeveless jersey.
Nancy P.

Mike Poole said...

I will take a long sleeve, sleeveless, bibs and socks.

Mike said...

Sherry and I would like a long sleeve jersey each. I will take 2 pair of socks.

Mike Knake

GARY said...

As I mentioned at the JackNBack I would be interested if the Jersey had different colors than our "summer" jersey. I think if we do a long sleeve jersey, bibs ,etc. a different look (same logo) would be great. That's just my opinion.

Ed T said...

I would like a long sleeve jersey in the color scheme we looked at during the J&B.

mad1next said...

I would like two long sleeve (m) and two bib shorts (m) in the winter colors and two shorts (m) in the summer colors and two pairs of socks. I will check with Nicole and see if she is interested.

monsieur cannonball said...

I would like to order 2 long sleeve jerseys size XXL.

coastdownhills said...

I'd like one long sleeve jersey and two socks. Thanks for putting this together

Tango Bravo said...

I would be interested in LS Jersey, if available with full length zippers.

wttuckerjr said...

Rhonda and I will take a Jersey each, along with 2 pair of socks each.


KJ said...

I'll go for a long sleeve jersey and 3 pair of socks.

comte23 said...

I am game for a LS jersey.

Doug_D said...

I will take a LS jersey and 2 pair of socks. Will go for a third pair if it gets us up to 50.

Jennifer said...

I'll take a LS jersey and a pr. of socks. Will take 2 pr. socks if it helps the total.

philandlisa said...

Put us down for 2 sleeveless, 2 long sleeve and 4 pair of socks.

Christy said...

Add a long sleeve jersey and two pair of socks for me.