Wednesday, October 28, 2009

NE Corridor Mobility Study

The community and business leaders in the greater Nashville area are invited to attend upcoming workshops hosted by the Nashville Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) regarding the Northeast Corridor Mobility Study. The study is a regional planning effort to analyze future development scenarios and transportation improvements between these communities. Citizens will have the opportunity to weigh in on recommendations and share ideas. The press release is attached.

The workshops begina at 5:30PM as follows:

Hendersonville: November 9, Hendersonville Public Library
Goodlettsville: November 11, Goodlettsville City Hall
Gallatin: November 12, Sumner County Adm Bldg
Madison: November 16, Madison Senior Center
East Nashville: November 17, East Park Community Ctr

Thank you, Deborah Varallo,
Varallo Public Relations,
615-367.5200 ext 14


coastdownhills said...

I'll not be able to make the Hendersonville one but may do the one in Gallatin.
We have friends at TDOT who need our support when challenged by the "Why are you spending money on bicycles?" contingent.

Caledonia said...

As said by others in a different context, "Evil flourishes where good folks do nothing". I plan to pedal to the one at the East Nashville location and I'll wear my new Fogbee jersey to show biker support for the good, hooray!