Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Christmas Lights Ride

. . Hendersonville's Holiday Fest has posted its calendar for this year's celebrations.  The FOGBEE Christmas Lights Ride on December 14'th is included as Santa's Brigade Ride. In addition to our usual tour of the shopping centers, we have been asked to visit the St. Nicholas Ball at Blue Grass Country Club.
. . Bob and Gary are also planning our Christmas Party immediately after the ride.  They'll have more info soon.  In the meantime start planning your bike lighting and costumes.  Last year, Santa was joined by Frostie and a cute little elf and a very big elf pulling a Christmas Tree with songs of holiday cheer.
. . We will also have our usual Toys for Tots and Tweens. Gary will tell us more about that.

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Gary said...

looking forward to the most satisfying and fun ride of the year.