Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Collateral Benefits of USBR-23

USBR 23 is TN's first Bike Route, thanks to Bruce and Dave_S.  TDOT has submitted the paperwork to Adventure Cycling and they expect approval around October 20'th.  As one of the collateral benefits to this project, Jessica Wilson reported in today's TDOT meeting that the state in widening shoulders to benefit bicycle traffic along the route when they come up for re-surfacing.  It's amazing what good things can happen (never part of the plan) when bicyclists "get involved."  Things in government are painfully slow, but they never happen without stakeholder support.

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coastdownhills said...

Terrific news about the shoulder widening. We do have a few pinches that could stand attention. As a side note to the previous post about Nashville's bike friendliness, a route though Nashville would have been impossible ten years ago.