Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Need a Bike Executive Job

      Bike/Ped is a major focus for Nashville.  It was recently selected by the League of American Bicyclists to join Chattanooga and Knoxville as a Bike Friendly City.  Mayor Dean has a Bike/Ped Advisory Committee and has appointed to his staff a Chief Service Officer to continue Nashville's initiatives in Active Living.  He is opening bike trails, parking, bike rental kiosks, etc. Plus Nashville is this year's site in May for the Tennessee Bike Summit.
     Keeping with this emphasis, Walk/Bike Nashville is seeking an Executive Director (apply here).  So what's happening locally? Not much. 
     David Hardin and I have started discussions on how to establish a project to advance Bike/Ped for Hendersonville and surrounds. I plan to put together promotion of local Greenways.  The Fogbee's Christmas Lights Ride will be featured in this year's Hendersonville's Holiday Fest providing us with lots of positive publicity.  Anyone interested in getting involved?

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